I'm going to be working in retail Hopefully BUT

I have a question

What if that guy that did not treat me well,
Comes into the store

And I have to be all customer friendly and serve him

What if he then also talks non customer related stuff

What if he says something rude

Or not

But even just the idea of serving him as a customer

How should I approach the situation.

He scarred me. I don’t want to have to be near him ever again.

But what if he comes into the shop I’m working in

Worse still, if he repeatedly comes in

I don’t think I can just keep telling others to serve him.

And I’m not reporting him to the police. Private reason for that.

So how can I be strong and resilient to if he is rude to me

Or if he’s just polite how can I be forgiving or tolerant in the store.

Thankyou for any suggestions

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I will defo bring this up to my mental health nurse too. But thought I’d throw it out here too for now

Why is it that when someone regularly says rude stuff to me It affects me. Why can’t I just let it roll off.

How do I do that is it possible?

In particular when this guy says those rude things.


I hate to say it since I’m not the biggest fan of the police, but if he’s harassing you it would probably be best to get the police involved.

The law is probably the only entity that can instill enough fear in him to leave you alone.

Stay safe.


What if he doesn’t?

If he comes in, treat him like other customers, be polite and do your job. If he hassles you in any way tell security or your boss. It’s a business and you’re an employee; if this guy, or any other guy causes trouble or acts up, your manager or boss has every right to ask him to leave. If he doesn’t comply then call the cops on him.

But the point may be moot and he may never come in at all.


Thankyou guys

I just don’t want to be the cause of drama in a shop. You know like attracting drama into a shop,
Just because of my past personal life but yea

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My dad once said if you work at a cafe and your worst enemy comes in and asks for a salad sandwich then you have pride and be professional and make the best salad sandwich you can for him/her.

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I just don’t want to hassle the staff over this man I guess that’s the thing.

Doesn’t make it ok for him to behave badly to you.

Sucks when people are bad behaved to one…

I get disrespected a lot.
I Might be a pushover.
Used to be but thought I was over it and able to speak up for myself etc.

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I feel like I need to just let it roll off if he ever comes to me again. On the roads. Like I will politely tell him look I wish you well but bridge is burnt meaning I don’t want to talk to you again.

I don’t have it in me to follow an argument with him because it makes me feel so emotionally and mentally unsettled… Like seriously!!!

Can anyone relate.

@SacredNeigh7 I’m sorry that you feel like a pushover. For what it’s worth I think you are an awesome person and deserve love.

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BTW I really can’t call the police on him. But thanks for the suggestion anyway. And yes some really good suggestions and support %)

Having said all this last time we spoke he said he will leave me alone. So hopefully it is all good.

I don’t know what happened with this guy other than he was bad to you but I don’t know what he said or did.

Love and good wishes to you.:slightly_smiling_face::two_hearts:

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He was not all bad. But he has scarred me personally. And he is trying to grow every day. So at least he is trying his best. But I’m scarred. Emotionally and mentally I mean.

I just feel so crap. Basically spoke to him the other day and it did not go smoothly. I feel so unsettled. I want there to be PEACE between me and him. When we end it. But he just doesn’t allow it… I feel so rubbish. I don’t want to feel like this just before starting a new job.

And he is not answering when I try to call him back to end things peacefully.

OK I feel fine now. Me and him are meeting up to just end things nicely.

I’m glad he responded.

This guy used to come into my store and tell me he wanted to cut off my pigtail and carry it around with him. I told the manager and he was banned from the store. Your manager should have your back if a customer is harassing you.



It is OK, I am just meeting him outside briefly due to covid. It will purely be to end things peacefully.

If he asks to have sex I will say no. If he continues to ask I will say I said no already if you don’t respect my boundaries I have no choice but to walk away from you and end things like that.

Safer to avoid him forever.