Gremlins: little monsters

One of my old pdocs told me this was unusual. I see these little monsters. Sometimes just one other times hundreds. I can hear them in the walls they skitter like cockroaches. My old pdoc i told right away about them and she said it was unusual for patients my age to see little monsters like i described. I don’t know if she believed me or not. I haven’t told my current pdoc about them for fear he will lock me up or not believe me. i started seeing them about a year after my illness started at first i thought it was just stress induced since at the time my partner was about to have surgery on her ovaries for cysts.

I saw the first one in a coffee cup i was drinking out of so i threw the cup across the room. Then i started seeing them more and more. Should i tell my current psychiatrist or wait until they become a problem?

Weird, could be direct eye contact with light?

I was all paranoid and needed help and I told the intake worker I couldn’t go in patient cuz I had to go to my custodial job all weekend, and she got on the phone and said, “I don’t know, I guess she has some kind of job or something, nothing substantial.” My paranoia went double then. They really are idiots.

I used to see gremlins also but they were all little fuzzy creatures with red eyes and into everything, i would only see them at night time and maybe in the mornings a few times but that was many years ago.

They are freaky little things aren’t they? The ones I see are hairless but still just knowing someone else use to see something similar makes me feel better. Did you tell your psychiatrist? What did he/she say?

I try to keep some of the visual hallucinations to myself but this was more when I was younger and they scared me a lot he just told me that if I did see them again to let him know. I am sorry you have to see them also.

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Send 'em over here! We eat gremlins for a breakfast. :wink:

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We don’t like gremlins over neither man

Lol. They are annoying little buggers. Scary too sometimes. My partner tries to convince me that they aren’t there. They are distracting too. Sarad if you want them you can have them for any meal you’d like.