Grandmother's little helper- a new drug problem emerges

In the early 1960s, a benzodiazepine called Valium became the first drug to enter the mass market to treat anxiety. It took decades of overprescribing “mother’s little helper” before doctors finally acknowledged that the drug was highly addictive. Twenty years later, a group of pain-killing drugs called gabapentinoids looks set to follow the same pattern, but this time it’s older people who are at most risk of getting hooked.


I came off the gabapentin pretty easily. Did it over the course of 8 weeks though.

Gabapentin is not addictive for me, and I have a problem with addictive substances.

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I can see why some folk take it recreationally. The first month I got a buzz off it.

So are these ‘older’ people the same ‘younger’ people ?

I’ve never overused gabapentin but I’ve had it raised a number of times by my pdocs at the psych wards and the office. It is not pleasant to know about it’s addiction potential.

Is the Rolling Stones song mothers little helper based on Valium!?

It reminds me of the old joke:

gabapentin isn’t addictive, I’ve had loads.

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I’ve had tons and tons of gabapentin every day for the last ten years and look at me! I just popped another one! It’s not addictive…

I hope you understand this is just a joke not meant to offend :wink:

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