So it’s here - the gabapentinoids are the new benzos

They have just been classified as class c scheduled drugs in Britain


Wow. I wonder if we’ll follow route here in Australia. I didn’t realise these drugs could be addictive…i had always been under the impression that they were rather safe to take because they weren’t addictive. I’ll have to keep any eye on what our doctors say over here when i get back to work.

Gabapentin and Pregabalin are quite commonly diverted from prescription holders to the street and they are used to get a high, I think they are probably overprescribed.

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I did a quick read of the article you attached and it does not say Gabapentin is addicting or causes withdrawal.

I think some gabapentinoids are schedule V in the USA.

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Gabapentin was made schedule V in Kentucky and Tennesee recently because it was being used in conjunction with opiods to increase the high. It was considered dangerous in such combinations, with an increased risk of death. The use of Gabapentin alone is “not addicting” and is “generally considered safe.” Here’s the reference: […0…gws-wiz.pnGH_g3uTSM]