Signed up for the gym

Me and my younger cousin went to the gym and worked out for forty minutes hopefully I can keep it up im not doing cardio just weights proud of my self for signing up


Well done. Exercise is something that pays you back straight away and keep it regular!


Thanks @rogueone I plan on going 2 times a week

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@Thesickguy How long is your gym pass for? How much did you pay per month? How’s the equipment there?

Good luck with the gym subscription! Hopefully exercising will give you loads of energy.


@yinyang i payed for a black membership at planit they have okay equipment i choose that gym cause I could get a guest in for free so I won’t be alone

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I’d sure like to, but… Damn pandemic. My doctor wants me to keep my head down.


Excellent idea.

I wish I could afford it and find the time for it.

Hope you can motivate yourself to keep going to the gym regularly

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Thanks @LittleMissSlothy yeah I been going still


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