Got some decaf coffee


Hey @everhopeful got some decaf coffee. Hopefully this will curtail my evening post med munchies.


I hope it works. I might have some myself now in fact.


Have you got decaf espresso?


Decaf coffee is my treat that I reward myself with. I am absolutely addicted to it. I drink it all day, and evening long. Just like my dad used to.


Yes I do. I normally have one about this time anyway. :coffee:


Do you drink the real stuff I need the mornings?


I don’t drink the real, caffeinated stuff. I drink brewed, decaffeinated coffee.


Sounds good. 15151515


I’ve got my decaf espresso here now. I’m just letting it cool down.


Cool! Do you have a pod machine?


Yes its a pod machine. I used to have a manual one and grind beans manually. But I got tired of cleaning everything. So now I just use a pod machine.


Found a new can of decaf coffee in my pantry.
Going to brew a batch and see if it will tame my hunger pains.
Thanks for the info @everhopeful!


Good going @Wave! Report back to us.


Will do @anon20613941! :slight_smile:


While caffeine has long been used as an appetite suppressant, in this study it was decaffeinated coffee that resulted in significantly lower hunger levels and higher plasma levels of PYY than placebo (plain water) and the other caffeinated beverages. More PYY means less hunger.


That’s pretty cool. I drink a lot of coffee but maybe I’ll start adding more decaf into the mix. I actually have my room at home decorated like a café! To me, I think it all means I’m craving people to talk to. Coffee is a very social thing.


Oh, I forgot about using coffee (both caff and decaf) to suppress hunger. Can’t wait for my boyfriend to come here and bring my Keurig.


My cafetiere ,which was getting a bit manky , got chucked out when I moved. Been having those sachets of coffee- none of which are decaf.


Had one cup of decaf but it didn’t work.
I ate like a pig afterwards!
I’ll try again tomorrow.