Decaffeinated coffee and appetite

Decaffeinated coffee works wonders for suppressing my appetite.

Especially since I upped the “dose”.

I now take 3 teaspoons of instant decaff in each cup I have.

If you’re struggling to lose weight it might be worthwhile trying strong decaff coffee throughout the day.

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So you are drinking one cup of normal caffeinated coffee…

" The caffeine in five to ten cups of decaf coffee is equal to one or two cups of regular or caffeinated coffee."

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It doesn’t feel like I’m getting any caffeine at all though. I’m overly sensitive to caffeine so I should notice. Unless because it’s so spread out throughout the day. :thinking:

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Definitely if I replace a snack with decaf I don’t crave it anymore

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I just drink regular instant coffee and I don’t get hungry. I’m only eating about 1,000 calories a day and I’m losing weight.

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I drink a pot of brewed, decaffeinated coffee every day (12 cups), and I have no trouble keeping weight off. I’ve been at my ideal weight for the last seven years. And I’m on three weight gaining AP’s!

The trick is to only drink it black and absolutely without any kind of sugars or sweeteners.

I hate instant coffee. I think it tastes like mud water, among other nasty things.

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