Getting a glimpse

A few weeks ago I wrote about my ex-brother-in-law who was addicted to meth and had a stroke. Tonight I was talking to my sister about his situation.

Poor guy, it sounds grim. He’s been in ICU for a month which is a long time. He is hooked up to a feeding tube and strapped down in restraints because he kicks his arms and legs uncontrollably. He can now open his eyes but no one knows if he is aware of his surroundings. He can’t talk but he is moaning. Very sad. I remember him as this good looking guy, full of life, with a lot going for him.

He is my age, 54, but now it’s looking like he will spend the rest of his life in an assisted nursing home. So sad. And I learned another terrible part of this situation tonight. He has a twin brother and two older brothers. I always though they were all close. He was always talking about them and I saw them occasionally at his house. In fact both him and his twin were in the same rock band. I saw them play live at a club once and they even cut a CD together and shopped it around.

They used to have weekly volleyball game at his parents house with all their friends. My sisters always went too but I only played once. I wasn’t invited regularly because those guys would have tore me up verbally with no mercy and possibly even physically. But my sister told me tonight that none of my ex-brother-in-laws brothers have visited him even once since he’s been in the hospital. I couldn’t believe it. How mean and cold can the world get? It shocked me and made me mad that they could be so uncaring. Ah, well, no use dwelling on it.

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Meth is such a horrible horrible thing. I’ve never heard a tragedy not come out of it. It must be difficult for them to see him like that but you are right that is cold.

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Im sure there is some side of the story you dont know about concerning his brother-in-laws. But it doesnt make sense to me either. I hate drugs like nothing else. Dont dwell on it too much. I hope he ends up coming through this. OO

Nick, I confess I would never visit my Dad when he was in the hospital for a couple of surgeries. I hated him that much. And, when I am hospitalized, I hate HAVING visitors. Mostly because I’m there to get away from them.

My sisters said they were very competitive as they grew up.

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