Got brought up again

My mother in law’s brother’s family is having difficulty adjusting to having their own house. I guess the 20 year old oldest son is failing to take care of the younger kids and refused to clean. The older daughter is having to do it all now including going to work and taking care of the younger kids when she gets home. My mother in law once again suggested that I watch them but I don’t want to for 50 dollars a week. That is bull crap. I do enough stuff around the in-laws house for just 20 dollars a week.


Atleast u are happy…!!! Holy cow…!!! U deserve to be satisfied…!!

where are the parents? or is the 20 yr old male and oldest female brother and sister?

The parent or parents are making thier kids help out around the house? the sister took over the brothers chores? or the parents are not present at all?

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the parents are working, and the 20 year old and the oldest sister are related. their parents expect them to all of sudden accept all this responsibility of taking care of the younger kids without having to never done it before. when they lived with us either my in laws watched them or i watched them usually me which i did for free. the oldest sister has a lot of on her plate with two jobs, school, chores and her brothers. she is the only one of the five kids with a sense of responsibility and she has come down to our house crying because she can’t take it. i say make the oldest grow a pair and do some freaking house work and take care of his little brothers.

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sounds like chaos.

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And their mother is trying to get three of her kids on SSI so she can quit her job but I think only one may get SSI. But maybe it’s better than the house as it is now.

The oldest son is also trying to get his jobless live in girlfriend pregnant. I hope they get their lives straight first.

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Your stepmom:


I’m amazed you’re still living there. Can’t possibly be healthy.



@cbbrown $50 a week isn’t even remotely worth it. $150 a week a few days then maybe. Childcare isn’t cheap. You’re in-laws are starting to frustrate even me. A skunk. A simple skunk. Man o life. :frowning:

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