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I will be babysitting for my in-laws family. Two boys one 9 the other 13. I don’t know if i can do it. I have problems some times. But everyone thinks i can. I Know it won’t be easy. I prefer to be alone. I know it means a lot less time to be with my partner.


First, I applaud you for posting here. It shows how much you care. Do you have support or a warmline that you can call during babysitting? Also, is there something you could enjoy while watching them? I would take something to read or carry my pad to surf, for example.

Thanks, i have my partner who is just working weekends now but makes just as much money as before. And i have my mother in law who said if i have a hard time to just call her.

I was going to take my phone and the charger so then i can do something while they are asleep


Do u get paid for it @cbbrown…???

Just 50 dollars a week. It enough i guess for watching the boys. But the older kids the 14, 16 and 20 year old aren’t my problem they said. I’m just supposed to watch the younger two make sure they take their meds, eat, don’t fight and shower.

My mother in law is worried about the boys not eating

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