Got a suspicious email today

I was going through my inbox basically just deleting a bunch of emails. I accidentally opened one from an unknown source. Well the email had a download icon in it. I didn’t click on it but it still automatically downloaded something. It took about 2 seconds. Well I deleted the email. Then I checked my deleted email box and it wasn’t there. I can’t find a trace of the download anywhere. I mean I didn’t click on it. It just downloaded itself

Do you have something like Microsoft’s Defender up? Or McAfee? You can run a diagnostic and rid yourself of viruses.

Hmmm. I was using my phone. So idk. Can you get those on your phone? Mcafee?

Phones can be encrypted like computers can be.

Yeah. Do I need a factory reset? I mean I can’t do any Xmas shopping now online.
I mean my phone’s not acting weird

I would factory reset just to be safe.

If you plan on sharing personal info like credit cards etc, I would.

But phones are not to be worried as much as computers.

Modern hackers like to install backdoor Bitcoin loggers so your PC pretty much begins to mine cryptocurrency for them without you knowing. So be careful, especially if you use torrents.

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It’s what people use to download large amounts of music, movies and games.

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