Is my pc safe to use?

So basically I had foenloaded a video game’s private server installer and a patch. They were sitting in my downloads for more than a year and only now been detected as a threat by Windows defender. I can’t remember if I deleted the possible virus manually or through windows defender. I have run a full scan 48 times and also used malwerbytes and currently finds nothing. Should I be worried?

I mean, it could always be a false positive.

Did you ever run the executable? Or was it just downloaded and left in your downloads folder. Usually you would have to execute the script for whatever malware to infect your pc.

Worst case scenario if you are that worried is just back up all your needed files and run “Reset This PC” from the windows settings panel. That clears out any unwanted malware and gives you a fresh install of windows.

If somehow it set up a root kit, you might have to do a full reformat, and then install windows from a usb stick, but that is unlikely to be needed.

I had installed the game previously and windows defender did not detect it as a virus. Yeah, I might reset my pc just in case. I scanned 48 times and with malwerbytes, they find nothing now

I remember that a computer guy told me to remove the ram module before set up a new system.

There could hide something…?

I had a virus on my xp system, the memorys lost slowly the informations, there were a lot of data, ended with a type i haven’t saw before.

Saw a infected laptop afterwards with the same type of data, the same ending, that thing wouldn’t start in cause of that…

I got that virus while i choose the paying options on a big online market i think, the pc was unbelieveable slow since that…

I don’t trust that machines really, even the internet access over air…

My location is very different when i test it, about 60 miles away from where i surf with my smartphone, is that normal ?

I mean the access point where my phone locked in, often is the location in the middle of an old graveyard, now a park. lol

Doesn’t matter, i have no laptop, the xp is running pretty quickly since years on a music machine, so everything is fine.

Can you hear me ?

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