Got a fever

I was pacing around and I almost fainted falling backwards. i feel my head and it feels like its 100+ degrees. I just turned the temperature down to 73. I feel dizzy and nauseous :thermometer: :thermometer_face:

Hey it could be worse

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Just got over the flu like 6 weeks ago. Suffering from a cold now. I feel miserable tbh.

Lots of fluids, rest and TLC and of course if pain persists see your family doctor.

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Rest up JJ. I hope you feel better soon.

Oh man, that sucks. Feel better soon! Summer sickness sucks

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Thanks guys, sleep did me good

I was seeing double vision last night, headache along with the fever and pains and nauseating feeling but now I feel great

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You’re okay after one night?

Man that sounded scary but then I read that you’re okay. Did you do anything out of the ordinary before feeling physically sick?

I drank a lot of water from the tap and I swear my tap at my apartment is infected! Usually I keep Chrystal rock gallons handy but ran out of it. I think that could’ve been it.

Oh okay. Well man that is odd. Glad to hear you’re alright. What antipsychotic do you take? I’m curious because some can mess with the immune system

Abilify 20 mg


That and the symptoms raise a red flag…to be safe I would call your doc and let them know.

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Thanks mouse :slight_smile:

I had a fever in the weekend, but then I took some medication and after a day it was gone. These things happen.

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I’d take it easy, if the problem continues call your doctor. I don’t know what the temperature is like where you are but we are very, very hot outside. Even staying inside the apartment heat can still affect me. Be careful, stay hydrated, and keep your body cool.

Also if you go from a cool place like an air conditioned home and step out into staggering heat it can cause your body to react almost like its in shock from the extreme change. But for now just keep yourself cooled off and relaxed see if it goes down or not. If not then call your doctor definitely.


It is good that you turned out okay. Strangely though now I have that one song stuck in my head. I keep thinking about being hotblooded.

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Foreigner lol

Good band

Oh no, now that song is stuck in my head :confused: