Google to stop selling phones with chargers in the box

Makes sense. I’ve been using wireless charging for the last year and a half.

WHAT?! What kinda f***ery is this?? That’s so dumb. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I think Samsung has been starting this as well. :sheep::sheep::sheep:

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I don’t want to buy a cable for an additional price. Agh. :unamused:

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Their new phones use wireless charging. Why do you need a cable?

I need the factory cable, to use in my car, for Android Auto. My car requires the phone to be plugged in, but if I use anything other than the factory cable, it randomly disconnects and has other problems. :confused:

EDIT: I currently have the Google Pixel 4a.

I used to have the same issue until I discovered these:

They work reliably with Android Auto. No problems for a couple of years now.

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I’ll have to try those, once I eventually upgrade and don’t have a new factory cable. Thank you. :relaxed:

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Wireless charging is slow isn’t it?

Usb c is superfast

meh, I haven’t used a charger in years. My phone is plugged directly into my computer via USB and charges that way. As long as the phones continue to have a USB port so I can plug it into my van and use Android Auto I don’t really care about the charger.

About 2 hrs 10 min to charge S21+ via 15W wireless. About 1 hr 20 min via cable at 25W. I have several wireless docks around my home near where I sit so topping up is not an issue.

no cable !!! :scream: This will anger my vacuum :open_mouth:

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Thats all bcz of Apple. Apple removed 3.5mm audio plug, others copied them. Apple removed earphones and chargers, others copied them. :fu: Apple


New Android phones charge at 65W type C usb.

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My brother’s OnePlus 8T charges at 65W.

@shutterbug Can those cables charge at 25W with your cellphone?

Honestly don’t know, I use the wireless chargers. They’re good enough.

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I am thinking about buying a wireless power bank charger.

Its a powerbank that charges phones wirelessly.

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