Chargers won't be included with new iPhones, but Apple promises greater speed, durability

I’ve never liked iPhones. I saw one for a thousand bucks. Not worth it lol.


Already overcharging for the product, but not making enough obscene profit so they’re cutting yet another corner. Apple products are consumer IQ testing. You’ve failed if you own any.


That’s bs! I can’t believe they won’t include chargers. That’s ridiculous.


I read that a super charger will be included with the iPhone 12 but ear pods and a regular charger won’t be included.
Am I right? @Aziz

Maybe it’s different for the States.

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Doesn’t count if they were given to you. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Wow. That is lame. Go Android. :smile::smile::smile:


I don’t really know, I just posted the news from my Chrome mobile news feed.

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Oh man I checked again.
I think your right, no charger of any kind!

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My Xiaomi supports 18W fast charge but came with 10W charger. I read that its not good to charge at more than 10W as it overheats the battery. My previous Samsung S9 heated more when using fast charge.

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I love my iPhone 11 Pro. I don’t mind paying for extra charger. I think here it’s £19.

iPhone’s are very reliable and secure. I wouldn’t have anything less.


You’re forgiven so long as you make pronounced ICK noises every time you touch it.

The only real redeeming quality of iPhones is their security. Malware for iPhones is much less common than Android simply because it’s closed source and you have to go through so many steps to sideload apps that people who don’t know what they’re doing will have a hard time. And even then the certificates expire so you have to keep loading it. Android is like a two step process, and that’s ignoring all the malware found on the official play store.


I’m careful to only use apps from quality vendors, that helps. Same with my PC. I don’t have an issue with getting infected like most.

First they took away headphone jacks and sold it separately, and then they took the home button and again, sold it separately. Now they won’t even include a freaking charger? Apple keeps getting worse.

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iPhone’s without home button are way more better.

Both Android and Iphone got hacked in the past.

Android too no home button and no navigation buttons :grin:


That was my immediate thought on reading the article- it’s all about maximising profit…

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I’m waiting for Bick to start selling pickles without lids on the jars. Provide your own…

Oh, speaking of which. Unboxed my cable modem yesterday and discovered there was no co-ax cable. I had donated one to Goodwill as I assumed there would be one with the new modem. Big fat nope. Had to buy another. Burn!