Does fast charging kill batteries faster?

I just bought a Samsung 25W wall charger, it was half price. My phone supports 18W fast charging but it only came with a 10W charger. Also got a 1m type C 100W usb cable from aliexpress for 4$CA, it has LEDs that tell you how much of the battery is charged.

New phones don’t even come with chargers anymore, ridiculous, thanks to Apple. First they removed the earphones, then AUX plug and now the chargers. Apple started these changes and others did the same. I still use the AKG earphones that came with my Samsung S9

Is it true that fast charging shortens battery life?


Not for a good phone with decent power management software.


Ive got a fast charger too for the S10 - and my battery life is shortaned, but i assumed it was the updates mucking about with the code.

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Yea I heard that Apple and Samsung decrease battery life with updates to make you buy a new phone.

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Not anymore - they were heavily criticised for doing this in the press. Whether they actually made any changes or not who knows

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Yes, it does tend to degrade batteries faster. That’s why some phones come in built with charging management options. You can choose if you want to charge quickly within an hour or two. Or overnight.

Makes me wonder how much of it will be noticeable to user? Some people change their phones within a year or two. Others maybe 5-6 years.

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