Google Assistant

Do you have Google Assistant on your cell phone?

Many web pages are saying that it is already released in Canadian French language but still I don’t have it.

I can’t wait to be able to chat with my cell phone. No I’m kidding : it’s better to chat with humans.

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I’m not sure. But if I say “OK google” from my main screen, it looks stuff up for me.

If I say Ok Google there is a window with colorful dots that appears. But it is not Google Assistant. Google Assistant is supposed to be able to maintain a conversation with you. It is available in English language since a long time but it is just starting to be available in other languages.

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Oh that’s pretty neat. I have not tried it. Is it an app?

It is supposed to be included in Android. Usually, it is installed at the same time as an update. I don’t know what it looks like so I can’t tell you if you have it. I personally only have it in Google Allo. I can actually chat with it with messages. But it doesn’t work yet on my phone with the voice. Is your cell phone in English language?

Yes, I am in the US and it is an Android phone - I can’t remember how old, but less than a year, I think.

I just don’t usually talk to my phone.

Then you are supposed to have it. Or maybe I’m wrong. :thinking: Anyway you can have more information here:

I just checked on the web and what you have to do is to say Ok Google and then you can talk with Google Assistant.

That’s pretty cool. Although I’m not sure how, or if, it’s different than if I say “OK google…”

I just told it I was hungry and I got a list of restaurants.

Does the version of Android matter because Oreo or Android 8.0 was just recently released.

You can dictate to Google Assistant by asking Google assistant questions like “What is the population of …”.

Ask him to tell you a joke. Google Assistant is able to answer to that with a joke but the standard Ok Google can’t.

The Google Assistant is coming soon to Android Marshmallow and Nougat phones.*

This is what is written in the Google web page.

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Do you have it @exhile ?

@anubis Do you plan to get Google Home smart speaker? Right now so many companies are jumping ship to make their own smart speaker such as Homepod, Cortana and Echo.

@anubis No, I don’t have Oreo on my phone. Only Pixel or Pixel XL smartphone owners can get it.

No that doesn’t interest me. I’m supposed to have Google Assistant on my phone one day and that will be enough. :slightly_smiling_face:

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No I was asking if you have Google Assistant.

@anubis Yes, I have Google Assistant. The search dialogue box with a microphone to the very right…yes/no?

Not necessarily. There was first a very basic assistant available with the search box or by saying Ok Google. Then there is now Google Assistant, a much more advanced assistant.

@anubis :thinking: Then I’m not sure… because if you’re saying that Google Assistant can hold a conversation with you then yeah… it must be something more advanced than what Nougat has.