Good to be back

Hi everyone! A couple of months ago I left this forum because my delusions were raring up. Things weren’t too good since then and I’ve been in and out of the hospital. Finally my counselor decided I need disability. I also got a new case manager who thinks it’s best for me to stay home and not attend support groups or try to work and just stay home for the time being. However I’ve been getting nightmares, paranoia about going outside, and worsening energy levels. I feel a little lost as to how I should be spending my time without friends around or any activities to participate in. Right now I’ve just decided to follow my mom to work when she can take me and maybe try to loose the weight I gained due to new meds. For those of you who remember me, how is everything? Next time I have a life update, I’ll be sure to post it under the say anything page.


Hey Tukey, I remember you! Welcome back!
I’m sorry to hear you haven’t been feeling well.

I don’t know if you remember me, I used to be Berru. I’m not sure we’ve interacted.

Everything is the same old with me, not much new to report.

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Hey @anon62973308 if I remember well, we have same birthday dates in middle of summer… Welcome back and correct me if I’m wrong :slight_smile:

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Are you Julian? It’s good to hear from you!

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Yay yes i am good memory indeed. Have a great day :slight_smile:

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Hello, @anon62973308 Are you the one who lives in Hawaii and is of Chinese origin? I remember you. Welcome back. I feel better than before but still not energetic. However I am pretty stable regarding positive symptoms.

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Hey @anon62973308 , sorry you had a rough time. Welcome back though.

It’s good to see you back on the forum @anon62973308. Sorry to hear you’ve been going through a rough patch.

Welcome back @anon62973308!
It’s nice to see you again!

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Hi @anon62973308 i recognise your name, sorry about recent unwellness, hope you are doing better :slight_smile:

Hey! So glad to hear from you!

Hey so glad you popped by to say hi! I’m really sorry you’re having a hard time right now but it sounds like you’re doing the right things.

I’m still studying online, and I finally met my nephew. I try to see him regularly. All in all I’ve been good.

Anyhow welcome back again, keep us posted :slight_smile:

Welcome back to the forum🙂

Hope you will find some good activities that suit you and help you.


Hi @anon62973308! Nice to see you online again.

I am okay these days. Sorry to hear you’ve been going through a rough time.

Please take care.

  • Monte :v:

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