Best books on schizophrenia

What are people’s favorite books on schizophrenia and why?

My favorite self-help book is “feeling good” by Burns.

The ‘living with Schizophrenia’ titles are accurately entitled and decent texts despite being somewhat academic. Have also read paragraphs of the non-fiction account ‘Henry’s Demons’ by Cockburn. I thought unique as it switches perspectives from patient to family and visa versa to describe how they dealt with something so devastating and unexpected.

‘The Center Cannot hold’ by Saks is about an obviously very intelligent and brave woman’s descent into mental illness over the span of two continents, and how she harnessed the dual therapies of psychoanalysis and medication to get through it in ; I admire how she coped and the interesting insights it gave into my own struggle with sz.

Thanks, read the one by Saks pretty quickly, found it difficult to read but enjoyed her depiction of psych wards.

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‘Tomorrow I was always a lion’ by Arnhild Lauveng is a pretty touching book where the author describes her journey through illness and recovery