Good News!

We’re getting a kitten! I can’t get a service dog, so I’m doing the closest next thing- a therapy cat! Her name is Bonnie (I’m changing it to Spoon once they accept our adoption letter) and it a quirky yet calm kitten. She’s around 3 weeks-a month old. She’s black and white tuxedo, and such a beauty!


You might have to wait a bit?
Most kittens dont leave their mother till 6 wks old. They require a lot of care that young. Do you have a close friend or relative who has cared for kittens before? You might need some pointers.

If it really is that young, I suggest you watch some how-to utube vids or read a bit of their care.

They need *multiple tiny feedings each day. They may hurt theselves if let to roam the house unattended. They can also get stepped on. You will need a large, tall card board box as a playpen.

You may buy a wire playpin that folds, but it will need a top. It can roam the house at about starting 3 months. yet it may knock stuff over.

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Yeah, I would suggest a book off or your local bookstore about how to raise a kitten.

Apologies! I got the age wrong, the kitten a few months old, almost a year. @77nick77 and don’t worry, I’ve worked with cats and my mom is giving me tips for cat introduction/getting a new cat comfortable since she’s had many cats. Today we’re going to shopping for some new things for the kitten, like a litter box and food/water dish etc… And thank you so much for the tips! I will look into those :slight_smile:

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It’s a good thing to have a pet unless it’s too difficult to feed it. I never heard of a therapy kitty but I’m sure it’s useful.

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Does the cat look like this? This is benzai by the way lol


I feel relief, for you.

Teeny tiny kittens are almost constant care, their own moms seem to be much more successful at it any any human.

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definitely. You need to feed them every 2 hours or so! No way I’d take care of them unless they were strays/a different situation. So much grey hair!

@SailorTheFox59 yes she does look like that haha :smiley: she’s got more white, though, and her black torso separates into 3 large spots. I’ll share a picture of her once she arrives :slight_smile:


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