My cat is having kittens in my room

So far she has delivered two. I think she has at least two more. Anybody want a free kitten? Their mother is a legendary mouser.


Awe. So cool. I’d love to take one or two but I’m on a cat ban at the moment. I’m sure you’ll find them some good homes if you can’t take care of them.

I can take care of them as long as they’re kittens, but once they reach breeding age I’ll be in trouble.

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Look for a cat rescue in your area. They can tell you about low or no cost spay/neuter clinics.


Bless. Shame your not in the uk or closer. I would have one :frowning:

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Awhhh, how is she doing now? How are the kittens?

My buddy Jeff already has five cats that he rescued. He would probably take one…

They’re good. She had four kittens in all. I’m a little worried about one of the kittens. It seems a little listless.


oh I hope the kitten is o k !! you’re a daddy !! haha


good that she made it without injury! Now you have kittens!


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