Good news from the pdoc

Just got back and she told me that I had been on prolixin, an older generation med so long that I no longer have any danger mostly of getting tardive…this is great news for me, I always worried about it…since older generation meds are known for this…yayyy.


Interesting. I have been on a typical injection for ten years. Do you mind if I ask how many years you have been on prolixin? You can dm if you’d prefer

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about ten years…a long time right?

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Yay this is good news for me. My med, depixol, is quite notorious for TD so hopefully I have avoided that


I would like to lower my zyprexa because of this but my pdoc wants me on more. Is it possible 5 mg zyprexa might not have an effect on a person? It is a low dose. I’m on 10 mg now.

if you feel ok, I would let it remain at what you’re taking…that’s a newer med and doesn’t carry as much a threat about tardive as the older generation meds…you’re fine if you ask me but i’m no doctor…ask your pdoc really…sorry.

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