Good morning. What are you doing today?

Today I am going to the Cardiologist to have an echocardiogram done just to be sure nothing is wrong with my heart. That’s first thing this morning. After that I need to run to the drugstore and the grocery store. Then back here to do some laundry. I have a little cleaning in the kitchen today. And other than that I’ll just be hanging out here like every other day keeping an eye on you guys to make sure you don’t have any fun without me. So, what are you doing today?


Currently surveying the bits of tobacco on the floor - must get the broom out. Ordered my weekly shop - but cheated and done it online - and picked up my drugs.

Promised my mother i would visit today, not seen her for 4 months, but ive not been on a bus for about a year -so psyching myself up and hope the thought broadcasting dont creep in when im on it.

Good day so far tho.


By the gods it’s morning already? Guess I’m going to be sleeping today away. Didn’t have anything planned anyway.

Such is the life, I suppose.

Wishing you well leaf!


I already meditated this morning. Now I’m getting ready to say my morning prayers. I’m thinking about doing some online grocery shopping this morning too. I have to go to my volunteer meeting this afternoon.


I have to work today, same old routine


I have a day of catch up from being a little behind on some things. It’s stressing me a little but tomorrow is an easy day.


Yes, just get through today and tomorrow you can relax and enjoy some yourself hopefully.

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I haven’t been taking my morning Saphris lately because I was going to transition to risperdone, but now I’m supposed to take it again, so I did. I’m fighting off sleep. I’m doing light therapy (SAD lamp) right now, and I hope that will perk me up again because I have plans!

I want to wash my hair, go to the grocery store for a few veggies, run to Target to spend a gift card I have, return stuff at Best Buy and Ulta (didn’t get around to that yesterday), and clean my bedroom. Lofty goals, but I know I can do them if I can just fight off the Saphris!


Good Morning Gals And or Guys!, (ladies first)…,

Not Much Planned…,

I Might Break Out The Keyboard And Get Back to it…,

It’s Been Weeks Since I Played it…,

Walk to the Store Again, Pick up Some Drinks & Smokes…,

Watch Out For Evil Peoples…,

Jus Kidding, Paranoia is a Bad Guy…,

But!, Billie Eilish is a Bad Guy Too, But She’s a Good Bad Guy, S0, WTH (???)… . …


Saphris is a challenge. I take rexulti in the morning along with my Saphris so if I can manage to get past that first hour of drowsiness the rexulti kicks in and I am awake enough to make it the rest of the day.

Working, I have an interview at work in a little less than 2 hours, really hoping it goes well because if not I have less than 2 months to find another job as my current job is losing the contract to the people I am interviewing with.

I hope everyone is doing well, I will try to fill everyone up with some new memes too when I have time.


memes, memes, memes!!! Good luck with your interview

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I’m procrastinating going to the store because my back hurts


Oh no, did you hurt yourself?

Nah, I think I just slept wrong :sweat_smile:

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I’m so sorry. I hope it feels better fast.

ALSO (!!!)…,

On a Side Note,

My Housing Counselor Might Give Me a Call Today…,

To Give Me The Scoop on a Perhaps Different Location For My New (!FIRST!) Apartment…,

I’m Excited Because She Told Me The Wait Might Be Less…,

Been Here at The House I’m in Now For 6-ish Month’s…,






It Was Getting Annoying, Seriously Annoying, For a Bit…,

But I Think I Got The Psychological Disappointments Settled…,

One Day at a Time…,

So The Story Goes…,

Or, When Will The Story Begin (???)…,

Prequel I Guess…,

N e Hoo.

Back to Work… . …

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Good luck with getting a new place, I hope it’s nice.

Nice Will Not Be Able to Come Close to The Reality of The Sense of Actual Freedom I Expect to Feel…,

Thanx (!!!)… . …

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You’re welcome @ATARI