Good morning. What are you doing today?

One More Thing!..,

I’m Going to Write an Entertaining Story Before I Begin Another Day in Paradise…,

Okay!, Ready?,

Here Goes (!!!)…,

>> Nevah & Nothing Sitting in The Tree!. Smiling, Laughing, Playing Playfully. First She Said,‘I’m Not Dead’!. Then He Said, ‘I Know You’re Not, Friend’!. <<— Thee End

I’m going to the gym later. Then it’s just TV for the rest of the day and night.

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Lied to myself again to quit smoking today. I stayed in bed as long as possible. Finally I got out of bed and didn’t know what to do. So I smoked a few cigarettes. The day is over and I go back to bed. Tomorrow I try again, but i haven’t eaten much. Friday is my special day. Freaking injection time. I want to join neighborhood watch to help making our streets safe.

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Well, I just woke up. The Saphris kicked my butt. I don’t want to do anything but cuddle in bed now. I hate Saphris. Ugh. Maybe my pdoc will let me go back to taking it only at night.

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My old pdoc said no problem taking it all at night. I just take it split dose because I notice it helps with anxiety throughout the day if I split the dose. But if I go to work days I’ll probably go back to taking it all at night.

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Going grocery shopping with my friend and blood test.


I’m going to the store again because SOMEONE (it was me) forgot to buy soda or juice.
And noodles.

When I get home I’mma eat noodles and binge Gilmore Girls instead of one of the million shows I’m in the middle of. It’s a feel-good show and I need some feel-good.

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Good luck I hope you got the all clear on your heart! I have been housesitting for a family with a small farm. They have two horses a donkey a dog and a cat. It has been very difficult and exhausting, mainly because the dog and cat do not allow me to get sleep. The dog is extremely clingy and demands to be w you 24/7 including in bed and he is large and takes up a lot of space. The cat also likes to sleep in bed and wakes up randomly several times a night meowing loudly to be let out. They need to get fed around 6 am and trust me they do not let me be lazy and sleep in past that. The other animals need to be fed at 7:30. If I try to go back to sleep after that, the dog wakes me up by throwing himself on me and punching me with his paws.

I don’t think I’ve gotten more than 3 uninterrupted hours of sleep in the past week. And yes I have tried closing the pets out of the room one day because I was just so tired and it did not work. First of all the cat can open doors. If you lock it she just constantly flips the handle. Then she meows really loud outside the door and the dog barks REALLY loud outside the door until I let them in.

I’m honestly going to be glad when this job is over.

I understand spoiling your animals, but please do not do it to the point where they are absolutely miserable to live with, if that makes sense.



The Day is Moving Slow.

And I Don’t Mind At All, (days you see, usually, go by, very, quickly)…,

It’s Cold Outside…,

It’s Cold Inside…,

I’m Cold Everywhere I Go…,

I Grabbed The Piano After My Walk…,

Jumped Right in That Musical Swimming Pool, And it Felt Warm…,

Warmer Than The Temperature I’ve Been Feeling These Last Few Weeks…,

N e Hoo…,

Layed in Bed Trying to Get Some Silence, Almost Passed Out, Kinda Woke Up Suddenly After About an Hour, Grabbed a Smoke, Guzzled a Kickstart Energy Drink And Now Here I Am…,

Gotta Admit, I Think I Might Be Wasting Money on Energy Drinks…,

Pretty Much in Short, It Takes Alot to Kickstart My Body…,

I Remember Years Back, Before I Decided to Stop Drinking Alcohol, I’d Grab a Twelve Pack And Drink The Shizz in Like Five Minutes…,

NOTHING (!!!)…,

Except More Disappointment…,

Don’t Know What to Do With The Rest of The Day…,

Maybe Dig in The Closet Again And See if Me And The Keyboard Can Continue to Get Along… . …

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I went to a therapy appointment and pdoc appointment. I asked them both, separately, what I can do to help myself when panic attacks hit… the ones that I have to leave, immediately… I was given breathing techniques and guided imagery and muscle relaxation 3xday. My pdoc maxed out all of my non benzodiazepine meds.

I see the director of pdocs on the 12th.

I threw up while I was typing. Luckily, I keep something close to me, plastic grocery bags.

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Hi Leaf!

I hope your trip to the doctor turns out okay. :slight_smile:

Not much new with me though. I’m just researching different digital cameras. I might splurge and get a prosumer camera. But I’m a little weary of buying something I have to make payments on. I guess there’s always E-bay though.

I found out that one of my favorite filmmakers, David Lynch, shot a feature film on digital video. :smiley:


Got up and ate breakfast.
Showered again and got dressed.
Waiting for our ride to my GF’s eye doctor. She has cataracts and wants to discuss her options for surgery.
I’m riding with her. I’ll sit on the waiting room while she’s talking to her doctor.
Had a cup of coffee and just finished a Rockstar. Feeling okay.


On lunch break at work. I’ve only embarrassed myself 500 times today instead of the usual 600. But the day is still young and I have four hours to reach my usual quota.


Hi Leaf
I’m out went to a shop and now I’m going to another shop to buy fish. I was going to go sleep beforehand but it just felt too early.
I’m really excited to eat fish tomorrow

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just listen to music and pick my car up from service. it’s getting the air cond fixed

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