(!)(!)(!)~{[]}>> Good Memories <<{[]}~(!)(!)(!)

Good Memories,

No Matter How Close or Distant The Positive Past You Are Reviving is…,

Those Are Important to Your Psychological Health.

So. When You Get Some Freetime And Are Able to Recover Some Good Ones,

Share With Those That May Not Have Many Good Memories to Share.

In a Sense Those With a Tough Past Can Maybe Find New Ways to Deal With Their Future Peacefully.

Vicariously Renew Their Balance Within The Strange Sphere of Chaos in Thus Thing Called Life.

For Example,

When I Was a Kid, Watching Music Videos on MTV, Green Day Released a New Video For The Song, ‘Basketcase’.

I Dropped My Bag of Dorito’s As My Pupils Turned into Ice.

Little Did I Know I Was Going to Visit a Facility (Well Many Facilities), Myself, Some Years Later Down The Road.

But Still, The Vision of Me Sitting With My Pup in The Floor, Watching Music Video’s All Night is an Inspiring Memory.

So Whatcha Got!, Guys And Gals (!?!)… . … :100: :frog: :100:

And if You Are Unable to Share Your Memory or Memories Here,

Promise Me Thus!,

That You Will Stay Up Late, One Night Soon, With The One, or Ones You Trust And Love.

And Share Some Great Memories.

Perhaps, Think of it as a New Age Form of Spiritual Prayer…,

And if You’d Like to Share Anything, Perhaps Even a Memory That Starts Off Bad, But You Turned it Into Something Great With Your Inner Courage And Strength.

Please Share (!!!)… . …

Each Passing Moment That Breathes Life into Each of Our Souls

Cannot Be Duplicated

Recorded Yes!, Memorized Yes!,

Witnessed And Felt

But With The Universe in Thought, Duplicated?,


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