Good health is just a candy bar away

I admit, I got caught up n the moment.
I was reading up on dark chocolate and it’s health benefits. There’s a lot.

So just last night I was convinced so I bought a box of dark chocolate bars on Amazon. I made a mistake and ended up making a duplicate order.
I tried to cancel me of the orders but unsuccessfully because today, I got two packages of chocolate bars from UPS. Oh well, tomorrow I get to try the stuff and hope it’s not bitter. But it really is healthy from what I read.


I can’t eat dark chocolate any more due to the caffeine, and sugar but I used to love to go to Aldi’s and pick some out. The important thing to do in that case is not eat more than one bar a day. If you eat the whole thing in a day or two you’ve got a big problem.

Dark chocolate is so bitter :open_mouth:

My grandma eats it. It’s like tree bark. I never knew until then how much sugar and milk goes into most chocolates.

Yeah dark chocolate is bitter and gross

I bought a couple of bars of 90% dark chocolate as it is supposed to be ok for a keto diet. I haven’t eaten it yet though as I don’t want to risk coming out of ketosis. Plus there are still a lot of calories in it which takes away from my normal keto daily diet.

I like the 70% dark chocolate though, but am yet to try the 90%. I hope it is not too bitter.

I heard 90% chocolate bars go well in chili

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