Chocolate is addictive

I ordered some chocolate bars with my groceries last week. Now I’m all out and craving more. I won’t order any more. I know there’s worse things but I’m trying to stick to a diet at the moment.


Is it impossible for you to eat in moderation?

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I’m sticking to 1800 calories a day so I guess I can. But the chocolate bars were soooo good. I think I may be a chocoholic ! :joy:

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You should try some dark chocolate, it’s not as more’ish

These are the perfect balance, not too dark not too sweet

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If you could make your own chocolate isn’t it healthier?

Mostly because you control how much sugar you add.

I make it bittersweet.

You can even add rice crispies to make a bar like Nestles Crunch.

But yeah… I dream in chocolate I love it so much. @_@

Already dreaming of making the perfect chocolate cake which I have yet to try.

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I like chocolate. But Ice cream is my go to sweet

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Actually I heard that dark chocolate is good for you
@Gratitude. My favorite sweet is baklava


They can genetically identify if you are a sweet or a savoury guy for preference.

I am savoury according to my dna. I like chocolate but who doesn’t? I just don’t love it like a packet of cheddars! :yum:

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Im the same, thought i would be good as a treat but nope it triggered cravings for more sweet stuff

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I agree. I have loads of it in my room. I ate loads this afternoon and then had to be sick :frowning: . I can’t bring myself to throw it away but I keep binging on it.

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Dark chocolate has health benefits. It’s really good for you to have just a piece a day.


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