Good CBT book

Can anyone recommend a good CBT therapy book? Preferably one that I can work through on my own.

Thank you.


Thank you Pixel. I remember someone on this board recommended some CBT books to me a while back, I just couldn’t remember which ones.

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@SzAdmin, maybe we should pin a post in Health and Recovery with a bunch links to workbooks?

Edit: Also include links to Growth Mindset resources?

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This looks awesome @Hedgehog I am going to see if there’s a copy on amazon. Thank you.

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My therapist gave it to me four years ago and I admit that I haven’t made it all the way through it. She did tell me to skip around and use what I needed. It’s a very calming, practical approach to things I’ll never personally be rid of. Hope you find what you’re looking for, @azteccelt! :heart:

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Thank you. I suppose I am looking for more of a self-help book. I am not sure if I can afford a private therapist for individual CBT.

I don’t have the therapist anymore. I wish I did. But the book is a good reference and reminder…