Cognitive therapy self help book

Cognitive therapy. Can anybody recommend any good cognitive therapy self help book?

It depends what you need it for. I don’t know many books, have read just one re quitting smoking and it worked. I haven’t smoked for 5months now, the longest time ever since I started many years ago. “Stop smoking with CBT” Dr Max Pemberton. Regards.

Hope this helps.



I’d much more highly recommend spending an hour a day lying on the sofa, sorting through your thoughts and feelings, determining how you honestly feel about things. Part of the illness is a deep, deep self-denial of our own emotions. Doing that, believe it or not, stabilizes you some, and it loosens up your mood a bit too, which can be painful, but worth it. Bottom line is, the more comfortable you are with yourself, the less stress you’ll feel, and the lower your level of symptoms. It won’t cure you, but it helps.