Anyone for cbt?

I am thinking of trying an online CBT course
Anyone tried?


sounds like your college life goes very well, shellys12. What is CBT, by the way?

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Cognitive behaviourAl therapy
Changing attitude and way you think


I picked up a couple of books, but I’m having a hard time being honest in the workbook. Do you know if students are anonymous, how much it costs, and whether it’s facilitated or do it yourself?

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Actually it’s very expensive and it’s American so I wront do this one

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I’d be interested in trying online cbt. Let me know if you find something free. I had a quick search but came up with only something that offered a 2 week free trial.

I will give it a try next year. Party time for 2015.

Not online, but have used a number of traditional CBT as well as CBT+ workbooks like…

Also read Albert Ellis’s classic

ALL of them were excellent and very productive for me.

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are you a burglar in your spare time ? :smiley:
take care :alien:


I tried Recovery International ( for a while, even started my own group. I had to disband the group because of philosophical differences with the founder. It is free. You can go to meetings and practice the method there and in your private life. The book is “Mental health Through Will Training” by Dr. Abraham Low. I found the techniques not strong enough for my SZ. I was practicing it to the best of my abilities. It might have been avolition or laziness that turned me away from it. Recovery International is the first CBT group. It was founded in the 30’s by Dr Low in Chicago.