CBT workbooks for anxiety problems

Does anyone here know of a great CBT workbook I can recommend to my friend? She has severe anxiety, but no psychotic symptoms. Her main thing is a fear of death. It’s a hard thing to get over, because it technically is a rational fear, so she is now just trying to stop her body’s response to the fear.

I haven’t tried it as I can’t read book, let alone a workbook, but this has some good reviews on amazon

It is a hard truth to swallow for some people, but nobody is staying here, death is coming at its unavoidable no matter what.

Soothing never helps, since brain will always recalls the truth, and debates will start over again. Just honest opinion.

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Yes, but there has to be a balance, and she would like to achieve that. It is possible to acknowledge the inevitability of death and still enjoy the life you have.

I’ve been on the lookout for one of these actually, though I am more focused on finding one for depression. Most of them seem to be about anxiety or mixed anxiety and depression though. The ones at Barnes and noble are good but to be honest I just found I didn’t have the patience to work through all the exercises. You’re supposed to spend like a week working on skills from one chapter and whatnot before moving to the next.

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Udemy is great place If I ever need anything, I’ve several courses purchased and waiting discount code (usually 40-50% off) to grab those for 100

First link with CBT courses available, some of them quite cheap.

I have shelby’s few courses as well, she is really good, I recommend her, I think I have 3 of hers.

I’m looking forward for this one specifically for myself. Since no therapy has ever was able to help me. I might just do it myself.

Yes life is way more fulfilling once person accepted that death is inevitable.

Anna have you ever tried neurofeedback? I know you respond terribly to most meds, so maybe a nonmedical solution would be better. I would go for an hour once a week. It was 15-20 minutes of actual work, and the rest of the time was just charting my progress. Now that I have my own machine, I do it once a week/month depending on my stress level, and it just takes 15 minutes in the morning before my coffee