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Lots to read and read a bit. Very interesting. Not sure of the latter parts but ideas of reference probably cover some of that realm for those who suffer as opposed to those who don’t. I’ll try and read the rest tomorrow. Long day! It’s worthy of the bump!


Fascinating mind opening, get in here folks!


So, we schizos have had our reasoning circuitry “rebooted” by a traumatic event? Must be an ancient instinct to change your tack, like a sailboat. No wonder we schizos are obsessed with conspiracy - we must be trying to reprove and recheck all of the factual bases we have learned over the course of our lives, under the assumption that the trauma happened because we somehow missed an important clue about how life or the universe works…


I might take a bath and read this instead of a book.


Thing is, at least to me, in my experience, normal people look weirdly comfortable all the time, so there’s that disconnect, like watching everyone but you calmly wandering through, what appears obviously to you to be a hostile and challenging environment.