Going to start spending all my money

ive been saving since I got on disability 6 years ago. im going to start spending it all starting with the holidays. I was saving up for a downpayment on a house but it looks like im going to inherit this place so I don’t need to worry about a house. I need to get a new laptop, and I have classes to pay for at community college, they may be paid for by the state I don’t know yet.

anyways going to spend up my savings and then apply for ssi to go along with ssdi, I need another 300 month if im going to drive. I don’t really drive much anyways, to work if I have a job, to the grocery, and to doctor appointments.

was thinking about getting some instruments also, I want a doublebass, a violin, a nice acoustic guitar and a mandolin, I should also probably have a banjo for my bluegrass band. I’d like to have a working knowledge of all the instruments in the band.

also I don’t have much furniture, I have a fouton and a bed, but I don’t have any lamps or tables or shelves.

all that time saving and i’ll blow through it in a couple months.


How much could you possibly have saved up on disability?

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kinda personal but about 10k. also I paid about 8k in rent to my parents over that time. if I have more than 7k saved I no longer qualify for Medicaid benefits like having a caseworker drive me to the grocery store every week. going to spend it all down soon.

on instruments, furniture, laptop, and classes. o yeah im also going to buy a nice safe to stash my future cash in so the gov’t don’t know how much I got.


my dad takes my rent money and invests it for me in his name. so i’ll get that back in the future. he’s increasing my rent to 500mo from 200mo to cover the utilities when they move out. another good way to hide my money from the gov’t

or I could buy a nice used car with the money…I don’t think so. I hate driving and American’s love of cars. you’re allowed one house and one car and the gov’t doesn’t count it against you as assets anymore.

was looking at this place in my hometown 1br 1ba they were asking 45,000 for. thought i’d offer 38k instead. never had a loan and I don’t work so I don’t know if I could get a loan from the bank. the place was ok, a lot going on in town. probably a good deal. i’d post a link to it…on realtor.com to give you an idea but it’s probably against forum rules of some kind.

Good job saving your money. There are a lot of expenses when you own a house, like upkeep, lawn, snow, taxes… make sure you have enough if you’re going to buy a house. I thought going to school could make you lose your disability because it’s equivalent to working. Do you or anyone else know about that?


never heard about that. I went to voc rehab and they didn’t say anything about it. in fact they said if I choose a certain program at school I could qualify for the next level jobs grant in Indiana they offer. the idea is that it will lead to more stable employment and higher income after completion of the degree. they only pay if you’ve yet to earn an associates degree or higher.

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I guess it could show im no longer disabled. the plan is to work for about 25 years and retire after im done with school. I just don’t make enough on disability to stay on it.

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Yeah, that’s what I heard. When you finish school you’re no longer considered disabled because you were able to go to school.


I will give katie at voc rehab a call and see what she says about it.

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That sucks. They probably consider an AA a degree even though it’s a garbage degree that wont get me a job. Might as well wait out for the BA. I can’t really do a BA anyways.

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It’s good that you may be inheriting a house. How much did you say a house cost - $45,000!! That is so cheap…even when converted into Australian dollars. The average house where i live costs about $500,000. So saving up for a deposit for a house over here is nearly impossible. We’ll get a house because we have some money coming to us, but without this, we’d be screwed. Stuck renting for the rest of our lives probably.

Good luck with your spending spree. Nothing like having some new stuff to cheer up the mood.

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What exactly did you do at voc. Rehab?

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Did you get some kind of job trainning?

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yeah pretty cheap even for around here. my guess is the average home here cost’s 160,000 but in some areas 200,000+ you’d have a really nice home here for 200-300,000. don’t know why, some areas of the country are more expensive, like new England and the west coast. I guess less people, less good paying jobs, mostly farms once you get out of town.

I went in there and answered a questionnaire. she explained that she could help finding me a job and getting interviews. she said she could help me do practice interviews to sharpen my speaking skills and prepare me. she made me aware of the schooling options. really it was a waste of time…maybe it was supported employment and not voc rehab now that I think of it. she went over that as well, the nearest locations to get to voc rehab and I think she said they come here on certain days.

I got confused sorry

Yeah I did something like that where you me with a job coach once a week. They offered me job training for computer skills. But it was like 40 hours a week for three or four months. I didn’t think I could do it mentally. And I’m just not interested in office work so I called and canceled that. If I would have completed the actual job training I would have used up work trial months for disability. Which I never did. But social security gets a list of everyone who completes a program like that. Just having a job coach once a week shouldn’t affect your disability payments.

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