Going to rethink my l-theanine dose. i.e. increase it again

I used to take 400mg in the morning and 400mg in the evening.

Then one day I tried to quit it cold turkey and nearly went psychotic. This scared me so I tapered down to just 400mg in the morning.

But then my evenings were anxiety filled hell. So today I took an evening dose of 400mg and everything is great again anxiety wise.

So, I’m in a quandary.

Actually, what ill try first is switching to taking 400mg in the evening instead of morning, and see how that goes.

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I really like l-theanine. Calms me down in a subtle way.

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If 800mg was working for you then I would go back to that dose @everhopeful.
I-theanine seems harmless enough.

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You are an ex toker, right? As am I. Can l theanine possibly relate to the body relaxation of toking that makes it so subtle?


Since you warned me about taking 1 g per day of L-theanine I’ve decreased the dose to 400 mg per day. I was feeling a little anxious yesterday (I’m tapering off of Xanax), so I took 600 mg, but it seems that if I take it too close to bedtime I can’t fall asleep (fell asleep at 4:00 AM, and had to wake up at 7:00 AM (Monday and Thursday the garbage man…sorry…the sanitation engineer comes at 8:00 AM-- can’t put garbage out at night due to coyotes)).

Does it bother your sleep if you take it near bedtime?

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I used to take it (400mg) at 12 noon and 6pm and had no problem sleeping. Now that I’m only taking it at 12 noon, I too get to sleep around 3am.

Today I took it at 12 and 6, so it’ll be interesting to see how it affects my sleep.

Also, like I said, tomorrow I’m just going to take 400mg again but will take it at 6pm, so again it’ll be interesting to see if that time change makes any difference.