Down to 400mg of L-theanine a day


At one point I was on the maximum 1200mg a day. I tapered myself down to 400mg. L-theanine saved my bacon a few times. I take the 400mg at 8pm and it helps my sleep.

I could probably quit 400mg cold turkey if I needed to.


I just started it at night. I didn’t realise you had to taper off it. Perhaps I should stop taking it ? I have been on it about 2 weeks. I didn’t realise you could take 1200mg. How long have you been taking it for. Do you think 200mg would help you ? That’s what I’m taking currently.


200mg does something for me. It’s like it straightens out my thoughts a bit. But 100mg does nothing.

There’s no need to taper off 200mg but you have to taper off large amounts , certainly 1200mg.


Everyone needs different amounts of meds 200mg for you could do the same as 1200 to someone else.


Wow. This is big news. Well done.


Hmm… I’m feeling the activating effects of abilify much more now. I think the higher dose of L-theanine was keeping a damper on it.


Yeah I could see that being the case.


Maybe the abilify activating effects will subside over a couple of weeks on only 400mg l-theanine?


It’s ok , I’ll roll with it. If I’m getting more energy I’m not going to complain ( yet :joy: )


Side note: am vaping a lot less on my new 6mg liquid. Not sure if it is slightly stronger or maybe it’s the effects of the depixol?


Or maybe it’s just the copious amount of coffee I drink isn’t being counteracted anymore too. Who knows… Like I said no complaints just yet.


I’d really like to give up vaping. But I’ve nothing else to do.


Yeah I hear you. With all available knowledge right now, I think there are a lot worse vices you could have.


Yes, ain’t that the truth. I won’t be giving up anytime soon but it’s definitely on my radar.


Not to say in 20 years all vapers heads might fall off, we just don’t know.


Haha ! :joy: That would probably be an improvement for me though.


I got ice menthol flavour, but it is pretty much the same as menthol


Menthol flavours crack some plastic tanks. Just sayin’


Interesting. Will keep an eye on it