Going to give working another try

It’s been a month since I last attempted.

Think I’m feeling ready to try again.

Does anyone have any job interview advice?


Aren’t you worried about covid ?


I’ll be socially distancing and wearing a mask…


Wish you luck. Hopefully your symptoms stay low and your will stays high. One thing I always do when I go for a job interview… I dress nice and make sure my clothes are pressed. It really shows a professional side.

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Look smart, feel smart, be smart.

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i would consider myself quite good at job interviews. my best piece of advice is that you need to get across how enthusiastic you are and how much you really want this job. your eagerness will shine through and employers love that. also, have a solid reason as to why you want to work there.

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Be confident in yourself and listen to what people are asking. Respond on point and smile and be pleasant. When I used to work for a living I nailed my interviews. Gotten many a job simply for my interviews.

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Be polite and yourself. Dress for the job. Think about why you are the one should get the job.

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Indeed has many resources from interview questions to how to prepare for an interview.

125 Common Interview Questions and Answers (With Tips) | Indeed.com

You should at least look at the website.

Best wishes!

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Thanks Forlorn, yes I need to look smart. Good point. Will bring a hairbrush with me.

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I can imagine you excelling at interviews.

That’s a good point, I need to listen to them attentively.

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Yes I should think what makes me the right candidate. ://

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Oh wow thank you that’s very resourceful!

Heck yes @anon83141956 thats the spirit way to go!

Look at them straight in the eyes when answering questions.

What type of work ya looking Into??

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Thanks Abise!

I don’t really want to share the type of work, nothing personal.

Just feel I’m sharing too much about me recently on here.

Hope yas well :slight_smile:

That’s cool I understand that😊

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Same thing I recommended last time. Do a search online for websites that help you prepare for an interview. They can tell you what to expect and how to answer common questions during an interview. I bet there’s even a website out there somewhere that tells you what to do in an interview for your specific job.

I do good in interviews. I dress nice and I am polite and friendly and manage to show I am very interested in the job. Once I get an interview I usually get the job. Not a 100% of the time. But making a good first impression
in an interview is crucial. That’s where being dressed well, and being well groomed comes in.

I find that not threatening to kick the interviewers ass is important in an interview.

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