Going to ask for a change of med

For the last 12 years, I’ve had two different pdocs and neither one of them were willing to taper me off Risperdal Consta shots and put me back on Risperdal pills.

Now, I have a new doctor who is not a pdoc. Technically she is a fancy pharmacist called a psychopharmacologist. And although she can’t diagnose, she can prescribe.

Well, I have an appointment with her in a week and a half on a Monday afternoon and I’m going to bring up the idea of oral Risperdal to her then. She displayed a willingness to change my meds last time I spoke to her so hopefully she’ll be open to the idea.

I’m wanting the change because I believe, hope it will improve my piano playing.


Hope you can get the change in meds. A doctor whose willing to work with you is important I think.


Why wouldn’t the doctors taper you off the shot and put you on the pills? If anyone knows why. I’m asking because I’m about to ask the same thing.


My pdoc said he didn’t want to change it because there was a 30% chance that if it didn’t work, the old med wouldn’t work anymore if I was put back on it.