Acting normal

Does anyone else try their hardest to look act normal when they go to shop i try to that much im sure i come across insane look weird. Like am trying so hard to act normal i look abnormal rarely leave the flat unless its for beer and food but when i go out get so paranoid. I hate people judging me


People stress me out, so I’m stressed when I’m around a lot of people.
What I do for that, though, is I smile and am friendly when I can be. I have found that the smiling makes me more at ease and also usually makes other people more positive towards me. It doesn’t always make things better but it often does.
Normal is not a real thing, so I focus on trying to be positive.


I’m guilty of that. I’m always hoping that I can pass as normal when I go out.

But I think even people without mental illness get self conscious.

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I try to act normal when I go shopping but I think that others can tell there is something off with me.


I’m in that boat. I try my hardest to act normal when I’m outside the house, I have to prepare myself and constantly have self awareness.

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Thanks for replys. its frustrating isnt it that we after act just to appear normal its draining

Feels like a death sentence tbh rather be in prison for rest of my life with a normal brain than be out and free am in prison in my own mind its hell god knows how am gonna live rest of my life like this. Wish i was dead most of the time

I go through periods of time where it’s so difficult and painful to leave the house because I’m fearful that people will talk to me and I’m afraid I won’t know what to say and how to react. It makes me really anxious. There’s been years where I hardly left my house except to go to the dr and the grocery store and I would have to take Ativan to be able to handle it. But right now I seem to be doing ok. I don’t know why, I guess the meds are working. I can usually leave the house to take care of what I need to. This last week I couldn’t but I just had a couple of bad days. I’m planning on leaving the house tomorrow. I hope I can. I have a pdoc appt.

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Respect i totally get ya its hard man but we got no choice but to put up with it what kind of life is it tho full of suffering

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I believe that I come across as totally normal. But, really I probably don’t because numerous people have told me that I “shake”. And that’s from the meds.

I also have a lot of tics and personal bad habits like bobbing my leg up and down when I sit and not being aware of it. Also, I press my lips together over and over, constantly in private and public, while only being half aware of it. One person called it, “making faces”. So, I must come across as very strange indeed.

When I get in my head or there are too many people around me I get that way, feel like everyone is looking at me, , sometimes I drink a beer and chills me out. Not as paranoid as I used to be

I can’t stand staring at people’s eyes so I try to act normal by looking at the space between their eyes instead. It sucks.

I was in this too for so long, that it drove me crazy… I was in pain… While it probably looked that I am ill… Am just trying to heal now, but it will be a long work still… I was mad for too long. I can oscillate from a dummy still to a grumpy person… But well, I try to save my soul now, let’s see… But mostly, try to care less about this, they are all strange outside :grinning:.

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