Going morning

Hallo everyone
What’s the longest time you spent in hospital


Hey there. 4 months is my longest

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Morning to you @shellys12 . My longest stay in hospital has been seven weeks. I have been in hospital four times in total.

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I can’t remember how long in past was long time ago but now this is my seventh week and I think I’ll be in here a while. If all goes well I might get out end of june

Hello, Shellys12 @shellys12 . I’m sorry you got a relapse and are in hospital once again. How are you feeling now? Do you still have hallucinations and delusions? Wish you get well soon.

Hi @green5
Thanks for your message
I’m glad to be safe in hospital as I couldn’t function at home
They are sorting out my medication and then I can go home

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This is no good. Hopefully the Pdoc will figure out what kind of medication suits you. I wish you recover soon.

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Thanks @green5

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2 times 4 months

I have never been in hospital and don’t intend to be

Fully inpatient it was 4 weeks. In intensive partial patient therapy that started at 9am and ended at 4 pm it was a whole year as a teenager

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