Going back to school

I’m looking to go back to school to be a marine technician working on motors. Can I still collect social security?


Doubt it. Maybe if it was just school, but they might think you’re getting better. It’s best to find out on your own because we might be wrong. I would look to the DOR and have them pay for your schooling. You know community college courses or something. My former social worker (who kinda lied about stuff) said they might pay for books and gas too.

Its just a 7 month course

Is school part time or full time? Maybe part time. Full time you may get a nine month work trial to use up but you would have to check with SSA. You are suppose to notify them that you started school.

Man the poverty trap is so real. My doctor told me there is a thing called the working poor. I know that but it’s hard to swallow. I never thought I’d end up like this. I’d probably get a part time job making minimum wage or a dollar above at best and still make the same from SSI…or slightly more. Is it worth it? I don’t think so.

Are you on SSDI or SSI? SSI is more restrictive. I went to school on SSDI. Don’t tell them. I got better and I went back to work.

I am going off SSDI because I can make a lot more money working but you can probably work part time and keep SSDI. You have to make less than like $1200 a month.

Right now I am making $22.50 an hour and working full time so I am way over the limit.

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