Going back to 10mg Abilify

Hi peeps,

So I had a short convo with a new meds prescriber a few days ago:

Long story short, she wants me back on 10mg of Abilify and not my current dose of 15mg.

Her reasoning behind it was because I haven’t been taking the Abilify on a consistent basis as of late, she thinks I should work my way back up to 15mg by taking 10mg to get my system used to the meds again.

I’m kinda leery about all this… It’s not like I completely quit taking the Abilify or anything-- I was just taking the 15mg on work days (which has proved not to be a very wise decision on my part).

Worried the 10mg might not be enough currently, as I still had breakthrough symptoms while on that dose in the past.

Has anybody ever had to restart their meds regimen at smaller doses?


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That has happened to me before,

I forget the drug,

But I wasn’t taking it like I should have been and they reduced my dosage when I doubled down on taking it right again.

Saying the same thing, my body wasn’t used to the large dose because I wasn’t taking it properly.

I did have some problems with the lower dose, but it wasn’t worse than being kind of off my meds.


Thanks for your reply, @goldenrex.

This makes total sense.

“Kind of” being off meds isn’t the greatest, as I’ve found.

Gonna just have to ride it out until I’m back at 15mg, it seems.

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I hope everything goes smoothly for you!

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Thanks @TheCanuk :sunny:

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They started me on a high dose 400 mg for injection, don’t think they have ever given me a low dose to start


Hopefully the 10mg starter dose won’t give you any problems, if you manage fine on it perhaps they won’t even raise you to 15mg.

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It’s a common practice, as far as I’ve seen.

Your serum levels could be a bit wonky right now, they’re just playing it safe. It’s good to know that 15mg was a good dose for you, that might be the target again, but it’s best to wait a little and see.

Even with a consistent 10mg, you may feel better than you did just taking them intermittently. Please take them as prescribed.

Sorry it’s been sucky, but things will get better, your efforts will be rewarded, I promise. We missed having the Tuna around.

Be safe.

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Abilify reaches a steady state in your system in 2 weeks, so they should be able to start you on 15mg then hopefully.

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400mg isnt a high dose

Thanks @Mae, hopefully you’re right :sunny:

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Appreciate the info, @everhopeful :+1:

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Hiya llama bud,

Thanks for your reply-- I’ve missed being here also!

Going to give the 10mg a shot and see how it feels for the time-being. Will defos take them as prescribed.

Hope all’s well :sunny:

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I was put on a drug while involuntary but didnt take it when i got out. Then one day i was having symptoms and i took it and my visual perceptions were really distorted. I think it was olanzapine. Moral of the story some drugs have to be tapered in some have to be tapered out. Invega injection requires a larger starting dose. Rispiridone seems to be the most flexible