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I think for writers/posters with our disorder we are strugglers of a ‘Kaleidoscope of English’ [language this is].

Borrowing from James Horner’s soundtrack for “A Beautiful Mind” a little.

Do you feel this just a little?

For brevity I won’t add any more yet. But I think I could prob describe more if you reply!!

Yeah. I think I know what you mean. English is hard enough by itself if you have Sz. I do like languages though

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Did your post say that there are over 8500 languages out there?? That’s new on me!!

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Yep. I can believe it. I’m sure there are undiscovered languages as well. Maybe not

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On a personal note I can’t seem to compartmentalise anything.

Sometimes I think had I bothered to learn a separate language I’d pause more before talking, an old therapist said once ‘happiness comes in the pause’.

Thanks for teaching me the trivia, and I do know it’s not actually trivial. : )

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