Have you ever played in any band

I have never, but I believe that playing in a band would give some good qualities, now I am too old to start a band and so I listen other people’s bands :smiley:

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I played in a garage band in High School - It was a rock band, we covered a lot of the Rolling Stones.
I was the lead singer - good times


Hmmm The Thirteen Proposals or “13” to fans. This weird daydream\delusion thing I’ve had forever.

Probably be a reality if I could remember to breathe while singing. Drove my music teacher up the wall every time I started yawning halfway through a song. LOL I’m laughing now as I write it but is the truth. Fireaway guys.

When I had the skills… I didn’t have the confidence… now I think I have the confidence… but it’s been so long since I’ve picked up an instrument…

When I was a child I once tried to get into a choir and then I had to show how well I sang, and the music teacher told I was too bad, after that I have never tried to get into any musical groups, how much I have missed, but it is the life. I believe every little child should be given an opportunity, but I remember that music teacher forever.

no but i do all my own music with a guitar bass and keyboard.

I was in two bands. one in high school for the school’s talent contest…the lead singer’s microphone got unplugged right when we started playing for the contest or we would have won…second band was summer before I started college…we played a few house parties and that was it…I used to stand in between bands at the groove fest with my guitar and another dude…not really a band but a really cool experience…I would love to be in a band now but don’t have the connects with musicians to get anywhere musically.

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I co-founded Led Zeppelin.

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I haven’t played in the band but i made a very good performance of ‘My lovely homeland’ in primary school.