Giving up bad habbits for good ones any ideas

one of the best ways of coping is to change something you do. even a little one’s ………
what has help is others doing it too. getting paid for it isn’t just a way but for so it works. me truthfulisum is more powerful then cash. good luck and post some ideas too day

I stopped praying as i prayed it all. God is not deaf. God doesn’t come down and do the work for me. I learned to treat my body as an organic maschine for the little work i have to do. I try to be nice to my robot as i only got one.

I’m trying to cut back on a bad sugar habit by substituting fruit juice for white sugar. I think it might be working. I know fruit juice has sugar in it too, but I think it is less harmful sugar.

My big one, my drug and drinking habit.

I had to come to the realize I deserved more than just the addiction laced symptomatic mess I had become.

I had to find a sliver of hope and esteem. I’m worth more than the habit and symptoms, the unhealthy coping mechanisms.

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Replace bad habits with:

Good nutrition
Good sleep hygiene

Exercise is cheap and helps your mental health as well. It’s not a bad thing and is addictive in itself in a good way.

I’m writing down my values in my journal.

It will help me change cos without knowing wat I stand for, I allow everything and anyone with no boundaries.

The opposing bad habit is being lazy and not doing this

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