Getting rid of your old clothes

well it’s that season again where I dig through my winter clothes and pick out what I’m going to wear throughout the winter so far I’ve sucked up to cycles of clothes that are either worn porn are totally stain they become shop rags the rest of it if it’s any account will go to the Salvation Army where I will go to the thrift store, and since I can’t afford new clothing I will have to go to use clothes shops I’d love to buy new unfortunately Obama’s idea of clothing for the poor is recycle maybe he should have a factory, clothing the world is one of those interesting things for example we have underwear factories in Brawl factors but we do not usually have anything in the way of a major ones I love them t-shirt factories we do not like dress slacks unless they are tailor-made we do not like dress shirts we import themhowever we make hats of all kinds

I love the charity shops but so limited in men’s clothing. Ended up getting my last couch from one. May end up getting a mattress from them also. Defiantly sends shivers down my spine on buying underwear from them though.

I’ve already gotten rid of the old clothing I used to wear from phases of my life that don’t stack up to who I am today.

My entire wardrobe is new & solid since Winter. I am willing to pay top dollar for things off of Amazon, but I always keep in mind that I am an ascetic first and foremost. I have my own rules of asceticism when it comes to clothing & fashion and I think I have a good balance.

But yeah, winter is coming and I need a new pair of shoes + new pairs of pants. Argh.

Fall is coming and i have not sorted through my winter clothes but it did give away clothing that is too big or small for me and shoes i did not wear. Recently bought dark skinny jeans, a winter coat, and a black vest.