Getting new old pair is taped together

My therapist said If I got a new prescription for my eyes that she could get me my glasses for free…my mom agreed to pay for it and I got the exam…I just dropped off my prescription at the clinic and my therapist called me yesterday and told me she ordered my glasses…!! I get them in seven to ten days…can’t wait…they are tortoise shell dark frames…


We need a photo of you in your new glasses when you get them, please @jukebox.

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If you ever need glasses for cheap, and insurance won’t cover you, I buy mine from You can get good glasses, including the lenses, for $7 plus $5 shipping and handling. They try to upse you on fancier lenses, but I always just get the free pair and it works out fine. They last, too. Mine have been thrown across the room and punched multiple times.

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