Ordering New eye glasses

Having a time get the ones I like on my type of insurance. Any one have this too. I did get it done but I had to shop around.


I don’t wear glasses … Yet.

I’m getting glasses from zenni optical online. Many family members got from them and returns are free. They do regular and progressive glasses. They also do sunglasses. I’m sure they do others as well. A basic glasses cost under $50. Mine will be about $100.

I need a new set. I get some free every 2 years from the government but they are in the worse possible frames. They make you look like a doofus. Seriously. I just pay an extra $100 and get some fashionable frames. I will book in this week. Thanks for the reminder.

I usually just ask politely.

My pair of glasses melted of the stem. Probably of sweat.

My insurance covered the visionary tests but not for the lens and frames

I paid 200 for them…very cheap I suppose

I remember like 11 years ago we got full sets of glasses fro. Zenni for 15.95 or less, kids and mine. We all have regular single rx lenses, but the prices have skyrocketed the last 3 years. Luckily hubby’s work offers an extra plan to add extra dental and vision coverage to the basic health, so our eye exams are 15, and whole glasses with.lenses are 25. With 4 of us in glasses, makes a difference.we just gotta wait a month cause he has to submit the paperwork ahead because it’s the 4 of us all needing exams and new RX glasses. But we get to choose any place that’ll take the insurance, so we don’t have to.use the regular Mercy ■■■■■■■■ optical who want to do completely unnecessary ■■■■ to bulk the bill.

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