Getting my biological age tested by three separate companies

I’m 56 years old chronologically and am recently retired from my public sector job. I have access to money so decided to do a New Year splurge on getting my biological age estimated.

I’ve sent away bio samples to these three firms,

The InsideTracker result has arrived back to me. It was based on around ten commonly done blood test results, BMI and % body fat etc. Apparently I’m 62 on the inside according to that result. It seems reasonable given that my whole life has been somewhat stressful.

I’ll post the other two results when I get them.


Got the second result back and this time from It says my DNA shows I’m 60 on the inside. This one is based on an Extended Horvath DNA clock which measures epigenetic methylation. The company and measurement method are both completely different from the Inside Tracker method used in the first result above.

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I have a set of electronic scales which measure weight, muscle ratio, bone weight, bmi, etc and ages me at 49 when I am 48. I’m pleased with the result considering the meds.

That’s interesting. Are you going to try to lower your biological age to be closer to your chronological age?

My electronic scales measured % body fat as 25% a week before I got a DEXA scan done. The DEXA said it was 32%. DEXA is accurate to the gram, and it was done as part of a research project.

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