Getting groceries delivered from Safeway is officially a bad deal now

It used to be reasonable; $5.95 to deliver a $125 or $150 worth of groceries. It used to be that you didn’t have to tip the driver; in fact, they wouldn’t let you. Just a couple months ago they made a 10% tip mandatory. On a hundred dollars groceries that’s ten bucks. So one delivery costs about $15.00. It’s not worth it anymore.


Safeway is notorious for overcharging in Canada. I can’t imagine they’re better down south?


Not any better. I lived for years near a Safeway growing up as a kid. I always thought they were reasonable until about ten years ago.


Some people will still pay for the convenience.


I’m mixing it up between Instacart, amazon fresh, and pick up from Krogers/Ralph’s/Target.

You kind of have to if you want everything on your list with tons of things out of stock. Even soda.

@77nick77 It is very costly. Pick up option is the cheapest - no fees and tipping — they just shop and you park and they put it in your trunk. But you do need to get motivated to drive if you can. The app does take care of low contact with humans.

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Or pay extra for being disabled. =/


I’d imagine the cost of labor is going up and grocery companies make money on small margins but long business…at least over here. Not sure of your market still…

I shop a lot and there’s always staff at my local supermarket doing home shops…I’ve heard some use it but now with supply chain problems you end up with half your order out of stock…

I feel your pain @77nick77 . Everything here is overpriced because we are small population with a first world economy. You end up paying overs for everything!


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