Getting depot withdrawals

I was due my depot last week but I came down with a fever. My pdoc said they won’t do the depot till I test negative for covid. I think that is fair enough

I got the test on Friday and the lab received it on Saturday. Just waiting for the results.

Have had a headache since Tuesday night. Right now I don’t know if it is physical illness or just depot withdrawal symptoms.

Feel like ■■■■ and have been waking everyday at 4am on the dot

Man am itching all over

Are you still taking seroquel? If so at least you’ll have one AP.

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Yeah got the seroquel. I don’t think I am suffering from psychosis - just chemical withdrawal

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It’s going to be a tough few days probably.

I hope the test is negative.

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Thanks bro. 151515

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That’s rough. I hope you even out quickly

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